Hello everyone!!!!

Today is such a pretty day. Actually everyday is pretty good but today I am getting positive vibrations. It's sunny outside. Thank god...... Clear weather really brightens up everything. It invigorates me to do lot of stuff.So today I will be reviewing Lakme deep pore cleanser. As for Lakme, I share a lot of childhood memories with this brand.When I was a child, my mom did all the beauty product shopping (obviously) and she liked its products a lot. I remember using Lakme's peach moisturizer a lot during summers. 

 I used to love its fragrance and so is the case now too. I am using the same right now also ( I will be reviewing it shortly on my blog so stay connected) and whenever I smell it, I get drawn to my childhood days. Guys you know there are some fragrances that always have this kind of effect on you. Fragrances really make you remember your days of past, specially the awesome one's and this is on such fragrance. Not just the fragrance this brand is also known for its great quality and that is why I got this cleanser and this is what I have to say about it.

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS:Gentle and soft deep pore cleanser with avocado extracts and vitamin E for normal to dry skin. Lakme Deep pore cleanser formulated with avocado extracts gently cleans the skin for all surface impurities. Vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties conditions the feels visibly cleansed and purified.

So lets talk about the packaging first of all. Well this deep pore cleanser comes in a white pearly bottle with a sea green cap on it, in a shape that's typical to Lakme products.

So this is basically a cleansing milk and so the product is white like a milk. I must tell you girls this product smells sooooo good that's one of the major reasons that I got it.

 I was like and then smell again. Ya that's what I was doing with it when i got it. So it gets 100% in fragrance part. Coming to what it does now. The product helps in removing your makeup very easily. Cleans your face very well. Doesn't leave any residue behind. It lives up to its claims of being a deep pore cleanser leaving you skin soft, smooth, healthy looking and awesome smelling. Overall this product works great for me.

1. Its Lakme
2.awesome fragrance
3. Cleans very well
4. Deep pore cleanser indeed
5. soft and smooth skin

Actually can't find any.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND: Yes guys...Do check it out.

RATINGS: 4.5/5

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Which cleansers are you guys using, do tell me in the comments below. Will love to hear from you guys. Have a nice day.