Oriflame's THE ONE matte lipsticks - First Look

Hello everybody
How are you all? So finally the winter is on its retreating mode and I am kinda loving that. No more cold waves and chilly winds....ya I love that. Now its gonna be sunny and pleasant and so will be my mood. You guys know that I kind of hibernate in winters. And i think that happens with all of us. 

I just cant bear extreme temperatures and ironically my place is the one with extremities. Too much hot in summers and too cold in winters. Well that's is not why I here guys. Lets talk about oriflame's THE ONE collection. You guys would have by known how obsessed I am with this range by now. I have talked in my last post about the new February launches.

So here I am with the first look of the ten new matte lipsticks that the company has launched and here is the glimpse of the same.

Well as I have already mentioned the company has ten new shades of the lipsticks this month. Can you believe that guys....ten new shades....seriously....

Each lipstick in the range have very apt and I will say tempting name like Molten Mauve, Nutty Plum, Brownie Delight....to name a few. Isn't that clever...hahaha.....The company knows our weakness....heheheh

Well the shades are...
1. Cherry Brown
2. Molten Mauve
3. Desert Sand
4. Red Seduction
5. Marry Maroon
6. Berrylicious
7. Pink Raspberry
8. Brownie Delight
9. Wild Rose
10. Nutty Plum

These Lipsticks  definitely  are eye candies....Dont you think. These lipsticks comes in mauve colored cardboard boxes. the package inside is also a combination of mauve and black color, that's the color theme of THE ONE collection guys. The reviews of the lipcolors will follow shortly. So stay tuned.

Do tell me what is your favorite colors from the range. Waiting to read your lovely comments.

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