ORIFLAME'S Luminous Peach, Pink Glow And Shimmer Roses - Reveiw

Hello cupcakes!!!!

How are you all doing?  I love the weather these days. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. It’s very pleasant out here at my place and that’s why I love this time of the year. So today guys I am going to introduce you all to the  three new blushes that have been launched this month by Oriflame under their collection called THE ONE.
You know guys I am kind of obsessed with this collection. Already they have launched so many things under this range and now these blushes are like a cherry on the cake. I have already mentioned a little about these blushes in my previous post. So Today I will be reviewing these here on the blog. So let’s get started.

1. Instantly creates contour cheeks: sculpt or define by darker shade or highlight with lighter shimmering shade
2. Transfer Resistant: Doesn’t transfer off easily through rubbing or on exposure to moisture
3. Moisturising ingredients for added comfort to help prevent a dry appearance
4. Buildable coverage with great pay off
5. with Halolight technology

Like every other thing in their this collection,,I liked these blushes as well. I have used them for about a month for now,,I loved the colors of these blushes. Colors are quite nice for Indian skin, ones that will easily blend easily with the Indian skin tones and will actually show up on our complexion. You can even use them on a daily purpose,,like as a part of your daily makeup routine or you can build up colors for a dramatic party makeup look. They will serve both your purposes. As the company says the colors are transfer resistant and stays for a long time intact (it stayed throughout an event I attended last week. ) I liked the colors so much. Very pretty. Plus these blushes are so soft....like baby skin...I keep on touching it again and again.....They are so soft to apply and so smooth on application. I loved these.

 They are so easy to apply and remove at the same time using a good makeup remover. So that’s great too. So overall I give a thumbs up to this product and you can definitely check it out and I am sure you will love it too.

Available colors are available:
*Luminous Peach
*Pink Glow
*Shimmer Rose

1. The formula is great,,its so soft and smooth.it glides perfectly on your skin and spreads evenly.
2. Pigmentation is quite nice. Color payoff is really nice.
3. Decently priced
4. The packaging is so chic and compact.
5. I love the fact that they did dual tone blushes instead of a single color,,so that blending and mixing of colors is easy.I personally quite liked the thought.
6. The mirror always comes handy.

Ummmmm…..let me think……naaa….I cant think of any misses,,everything has been inquisitively thought and delivered.
Yes ,,why not?? I intend to share about every nice product with my girls!!

RATINGS: 4.5/5.0

Hope you like the review and find it useful. Which one among these appealed you the most and also tell me which blushes are you using these days and why you like them in the comments below. I am curious to know. I will be happy to hear.