Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Serum- Review

Hi my lovely readers!!
How have you all been,,it has been a really long time since I wrote,,and I mean really really long time.It seems like ages,,,but I have been super busy..I had a two month training programme and now I have relocated for my job..there was so much going in my life and then I was home for diwali..so I had a super long holiday enjoying at home.Now life is back at track,,and finally I feel I am in control of life again.So here I am writing one of my blog posts...which will be a review.

So I was using this serum from oriflame since last one month,,when I was travelling a lot,,stressing a lot about new changes in my life,,living in a new city,,new co workers,,new palce to live in,,it was too much to take in.I  think it has passed a fair amount of tests already and now I am in a position to review it for you guys.

Normally when I travel my skin gets patchy and dry,,whereas in general my skin is oily and prone to breakout.Also I was travelling to different places and was living at southernmost tip of india one day and next day I was back in my hometown up north of india.So I faced various climatic conditions ,,and this serum faired well in all the situations.

Also most imporatnt was that my skin didnt breakout from it.I totally understand the apprehension which one experiences whenever buying expensive skin care productss,,,what if it breaks me out??? This bottle will have to go to trash can??or I will have to give it away to someone else,,who probably will never use it and my money will go down the drain.But for my good,this didn't happen with this serum.

So to give you a quickie idea about this serum and not to bore you all with my blabbering,,here I go jotting the pros and cons about this serum


1.Brightens up the skin
2.Very light,,gets easily absorbed
3.Not greasy
4.keeps skin supple and well hydrated
5.No breakouts,even for acne prone skin
6.It is an affordable serum
7.Cute packaging,,which is always a pro. :p
NONE.... seriously none

PRICE:INR 999 for 30g.

Hope the review was helpful
See you soon
DISCLAIMER: The product was sent for review purpose.My review is based upon personal experience and is not influenced in any matter.


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