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Hello my beautiful readers!!!!
Monsoon is finally here in Delhi. I have always the rainy season. I feel so calm and serene. Rainy season can make even so much populated city like Delhi even look so beautiful and peaceful. Having a cup of tea with hot pakaros (Indian snack) especially if it made by your mother, while sitting in your veranda, really makes me feel happy. Today in the morning I went with bunch of my friends and had chole bhature (for my non indian readers, it is basically a indian bread with grams. My more inquistive readers can search the pic online). Well well well. It was a quite a rain and each of us picked up our umbrellas and went to the market to have breakfast. Yes we walked.......and it was astounding experience. Well I can go on and on....and now I think I should shut up and tell you what I got from THE BODY SHOP. 

When I went home last week, my mother and my two more sisters went shopping. I and my sister always checkout the THE BODY SHOP store whenever we go to the mall. So this time also we were doing just some random shopping and then there was this store that went in. We were lucky that those guys were running some kind of discounts on their products. The lady there said that the discount was for members only and me being a member, found myself like yeahhhh. It was like 50% off.
Those who donot know much about THE BODY SHOP, here is a brief know how of it.

The Body Shop International plc is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L'OrĂ©al. It was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and currently has a range of 1,200 products which it sells in 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries. You can check out more on the wikipedia if your curious in knowing about the history of the brand, like me.

MY STORY CONTINUES................
The key principle of this brand is that it is against animal test and this what it really impresses me about the brand. Well saying that I got a  three things that day. Actually I was randaomly checking out some fragrances and then I had my hands on this Brume Scintillante shimmer mist. The moment I smelled it I felt in love the fragrance. I finalised on buying it and tried controlling myself from buying nothing else in the store and then this happened.
My eyes fell on the frosted plum shimmer lotion and then on frosted plum sugar scrub. All this hree things are from the same collection. And at that time I was like, I want this also and this also and I ended up buying all three. Yes guys all things in the collection. My elder sister got a face cream and face wash from their tea tree range.
Yes this post of mine today is basically a haul to show guys what all I got.

1. Brume Scintillante shimmer mist

2.Frosted plum shimmer lotion

3.Frosted plum sugar scrub

I hope you all liked the post. Stay tuned as I will be reviewing these products in my coming post. So keep check out this space. See you guys in my next post.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a sponsored post. All the products are bought my m own money.
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