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This part of year is full of festivities here in India. Two –three days back it was Durga Ashtmi and then there was Dussehra. Many of my readers may not be knowing about these festivals,so let me just give you a quick information about it. Durga Ashtmi ,in India, is the day when goddess Durga is worshipped . She is said to be the mother of whole mankind and therefore is often denoted ma Durga. There have been different avataras (incarnations) of ma Durga on this earth and hence Devi (one of many names of the goddess) ma is celebrated and worshipped for 9 days, each one of the nine days dedicated to each different avatara of goddess Durga. On the eighth day of these nine days Durga is worshipped and people offer their prayers to Ma(mother) . Ashtmi is a Sanskrit word that which in English means eighth.

All of you who are interested in knowing more about this, can leave the comments below and I will write a full post dedicated to different festivals that are celebrated in India and the story behind them. This was just a little bit of what it actually is. Saying that, today on my fashion and beauty blog I am going write about the website called stylewe.com. I have already written a post about it once in the past and here I am today writing about it again. Actually I am quite impressed with the range of products and the beautiful collection these guys offers to its customers.

Stylewe  has an amazing collection of women dresses.  You can almost find every kind of dress here from casual maxi dresses to mini dresses and that too in different types of fabrics, isn’t that amazing guys. That means you can choose the kind of fabric you wish to wear.

Here I am sharing pictures of some dresses which really attracted and impressed me.

1.     Just have a look this beautiful dress here. I particularly liked the lace that has been added in the dress. It gives the dress the hint of modernism yet keeping it sober and polite. I found those embroided flowers very pretty and girly.

2.   Well black dresses are everyone of us weakness. I found this net black dress really adorable. The length of the dress is just appropriate while a provocative edge has been given to the dress with its deep v-shaped front neck.

3.   Although I am not a big fan of shirt dresses but I really liked this denim blue A line dress adorable. I really liked the flower, no.5 , star on the collar and heart shaped lollipop patch on the dress. It made a simple dress fashionable.

Well this is not all about stylewe, so just go on hit the site ladies and buy dress for Black Friday. Which one of the dresses  is your favorite? Do share a picture of the same with me on the blog or on my twitter, Facebook account. I am really looking forward check out your tastes and likings from the stylewe.com.
Leave a comment below, I am looking forward to reading your amazing comments.
See you guys in the next post.

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