Tell Me a Story by Ravinder Singh - Book Review

Hello my beautiful ladies!!!!

Happy Saturday to all. Well it almost mid of the November and yes ladies winters are here. I realized that while sitting on the bed and my feet started feeling so cold that I had to take out my teddy bear socks on. And right now I am feeling like having a cup of green tea.
So coming to the point for which I am here online is to tell you about a book that I am reading. Basically it’s a 'currently favorite book post' or whatever you like to say it. It doesn't matter, isn't it ladies as long as you just love reading my posts. 
The booking I am talking about here is called ‘Tell Me a Story’ and instead of being written by, it’s edited by Ravinder Singh.

A little bit about the author first:
Ravinder Singh was born in a Sikh family in Kolkata. He spent his childhood days in Burla in Sambalpur City. He completed his schooling from Guru Nanak Public School, Odisha He received his in computer science from Guru Nanak Dev engineering college, Karnataka .Then he moved to Bhubaneshwar to work in infosys for five years He did his MBA and was working in Microsoft as senior project manager in microsoft until he decided to become a full time author.

The Book:
This book is basically a conglomeration of 21 different stories. These stories gives a sneak peek to the readers inside the lives of ordinary but unique people from everyday lives.
The author has basically compiled best of all the stories that he have received from a variety of people. The author in his note says that some stories made him happy while some made him cry but each one of it is unique in its own way. Stories that touch heart.

 My Views: Well personally I liked some stories while some were OK kind. Some do engross you well into the book like the one called ‘A daughters first flight’. All the stories are very aptly titled by the author. I really liked the author’s concept of asking his readers to share some life incidents with him which can then be published in the form of book. This book is a second edition. The first one was already a hit. I haven’t read the first one though. When I went to the book store in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon in India, I did had the choice to pick up the first edition but I went for this one because of the cover. Yes, you must all be thinking that I am crazy, who does that while choosing a book. Well I do, my choice for reading a book also depends on how great the book cover looks and it is not only the measure as well. For those who wish to now the book store, it’s called the Om’s book shop.

I started reading the book by saying to myself that one story a day and I will finish the book in 21 days but I finished it before that. I read these before going to bed because that is the only free time I have. Well the routine has gone super busy.

So I will give this book 3 stars for those who want know if you should buy it or not.
I think you should purchase this one which will cost just 175 INR (Indian rupees) and in order to satiate the reader inside you.

Do tell how was post in the comments below? See you all in my next post.