Eclat by Avon - Review

Greetings to all
Here I am again with another fragrance for the coming Valentine’s day. Yes you all heard it right. The fragrance about which I will be talking is called Eclat by Avon.
Before getting this edt for myself I had a spray of this fragrance and I used to love it. But you all know that sprays usually don’t last that long so that is when I decided to get the edt of this fragrance for myself.

This fragrance comes in this transparent bottle with the golden cap. I love use of gold metal in the packaging the perfumes. You all must have known by know that gold is color of richness and classiness and this is what it adds to this cute little bottle here. You can see in the pictures how much I have used the fragrance so far and I am still drooling over it.
Fragrance notes:
Powdery: 90%
Woody: 75 %
Floral: 80%
Fruity: 10%

I am in love this fragrance so far. I am kind of addicted to it. I have so many fragrances and I am so found of perfumes and edts and I am like thinking of launching a fragrance of my own too. I hope that happens for me in the future soon because I really have that on my wish list.

This edt lasts about 4 to 5 hours. It does become light and you have to spray a little liquid more to make it stay on for a longer time. I personally think that most of the fragrances that I have tried from Avon they smell amazing but the only thing that I found little disappointing this reapplying thing.
Even though this deserves as try as its super affordable, lovely fragrance in this price with a classy bottle.

It is a very apt for this valentine which just two days away so what are you waiting for girls.
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