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Hello everybody
How are you all doing ? Well today is quite cold here in Gurgaon. Yesterday I was thinking that winters are all gone but today made me realise the opposite though. I picked my cotton top and layered it up with hot pink thin cardigan just in case I felt cold. But as I stepped outside my apartment I realized that this pair of clothes was not right option for today. Having no time to change I had to go to the office dressed like that only. Although I am looking good, I saw some eyes rolling in a positive manner of course but I know that I am feeling a little bit of cold.

Today I had very little work at the office, one of the exceptional days, so I decided to write a quick post for you all while I was surfing the internet for some inspirations. Everybody has one, it however changes time to time. Once something has been achieved by you then we start looking somebody or something else to inspire us. This what life is all about. Goals, achievements are just temporary milestones which change over time or more of them come your way when once the previous one has been achieved.
Talking for my blogger inspirations I look and read work of various artists both Indian and international. These inspirations make you strong and motivates to just keep going on and on.
Well here some of the bloggers that inspire me.
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