Dry brushing…..well what is that…How is it done…What are its benefits….Do you also have all these of questions in mind? Then you have landed to right place. I am going to resolve all of your questions here.
This was new to me as well but not anymore. I did a thorough research on it and then finally got this dry brushing brush from Oriflame. It has been nearly 15 days from the time I have started brushing my body with it and that is pretty much time to have this technique start showing its effects on the body skin.

HOW IT IS TO BE DONE: It is recommended to start brushing your feet first and then slowly move to your upper body. Always brush in the direction of your heart that is from bottom to up. You can also move the brush in the circular motions over the body skin. It works fine equally.
I have seen some people prefer using a bit of oil while brushing their body. Well there is no harm in that. You can do that too but as far me I have been doing with dry brush only and the after taking shower I moisturize my body well.

This technique basically helps in exfoliating your entire body skin. Most important benefit of doing it is that you get rid of the dead cells. This helps in unclogging the pores. Since our body releases lot of toxins as it’s the body’s natural process to do so, the unclogged pores help in their efficient removal. Toxin removal means happy skin and happy skin means healthy skin. It will also help in reducing body acne if you have any. But be sure to be very gentle while brushing the acne prone areas as the some harsh actions can may irritate the already the already affected skin.
Other than that these brushing movements over the body help in improving the blood circulation in the entire body. It is just like when we go for facials or just massage our face at home the blood circulation mechanism of the face improves and you, a day, after get a glowing skin. It works the same on the body skin. This is the reason you start feeling your skin lot smoother and glowing lot more.

There are articles online that claim that dry brushing helps in cellulite reduction. Well I am still waiting for that because I have not by now seen that, may be 15 days, is a short period for it to happen. They may be claiming that if one does this process for a longer period. May be that happens to me after a while. It will be a cherry on the cake. Until now I cannot on this aspect.

BUY A GOOD BRUSH: It is very essential that you start with a good brush. Don’t just buy any regular brush and start doing it. I am saying this not just because I want you to get a certain brush from a certain brand but because it matters. Any brush will have synthetic and hard bristles that can be very harsh on your skin. This may irritate your skin and you may get rashes and burns and other stuff.
So it’s better that you go for a natural brush. It can be from any brand but should be specifically for dry brushing.

In India you might find it hard getting it at local stores. You should definitely for this Oriflame dry brushing brush. Its bristles are made up from the bamboo and also have few pieces of bore hair in it. It all very natural and effective brush at a very affordable price. Plus it is a onetime investment with life time benefits. So you should invest in a good brush once. Check this one out from their latest catalogue at oriflame.co.in

I hope you all will like this informative article that I have shared with you all today. Other than all the things that I have mentioned here in the post if you still have any questions regarding it. Do tell me in the comments below. I will try to answer them all with my best of knowledge.
Till then take care and see your all in my next post.