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HAPPYDISIAC - Happiness arousing perfume

I am feeling so happy today. Although I remain happy always because guys life is too short to be sad.

So while the mood was already great the door bell rang and see what I got in my mail box. Its two EDTs by Oriflame and they are called HAPPYDIASIC for men and women. Isn't that weird ?Well is that coincidence or some super natural power that made my day today. hahaha.... just kidding. The men variant, I gave it to my brother and you know he should be thanking me right now for this. Well he did not and just smiled away when I gave it to him.I knew he would behave that way. All brothers are the same.

That's was the little story attached to the incident when I got these products so lets just quickly jump over to the review of these.

HAPPYDIASIC Women: So this little baby comes in white and red square cardboard box. Inside this box is the glass perfume bottle that is triangular in shape with triangular cap as well with of course rounded edges. The bottle is transparent and the magic portion inside is red in color. This fragrance reminds me of my coaching/tuition days when I used to have a perfume that was called LONDON as I remember. You know fragrances have this thing. They make you remind of your good old days. This fragrance had such an impact on me.

It has wild strawberry, Williams pear and Egyptian jasmine in it. The fragrance is very floral and fruity and so are the ingredients of the scent are justified. The scent is very uplifting and keeps you high spirited. You feel fresh and rejuvenated, such is an impact of this fragrance. The name was quite new for me so I just googled the term but could not find the meaning. Google of course suggested me other options like aphrodisiac. Go readers find its meaning online. So I deduced the meaning of the word HAPPYDIASIC as something that arouses happiness.

Its is like magical portion of happiness. This sums up everything about the fragrance.
In one word go get this girls. This is not something you wanna miss.

HAPPYDIASIC Man: Coming to the variant for the men now. This EDT is packaged in green and white colored cardboard box. The glass bottle inside has  same shape as the old spice after shave lotion. Men would be knowing of what I am talking about. I know that because I have seen my dad and brother using it after shaving their beard. The bottle is green in color and white transparent liquid inside with white opaque cap.The bottle is thin and long completely opposite to small and fat women edt.

For this, I had  to take the feedback from my brother and  here is what he had to say about the same. Kushal says that he can smell lot of citrus fruit in it and that's correct because it has Cavier lime in it along with undertones of strawberry and green apple. For the record I did not tell him of the ingredients initially so you can see how much this fragrance relates to what the ingredient list says.

This definitely increases my trust levels for the brand Oriflame a lot.

When I smelled this EDT I could smell all lemon in it. I smelled green apple too but that in very small amount. Strawberries went missing though. Lemon stole the show.

All those men out there who are reading the article, I have question for you all. Have you all made your mind on this fragrance by now or not ? Tell me in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram. I would be waiting to hear from you all.

See you all in my next post.


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