Acne fighting mask - HFBB special

Good Morning everybody

I am going to be doing another DIY today. It is a face mask and it going to be very beneficial for those who have active acne. I myself have suffered from acne in my teens and let me tell you it was severe acne and not not just two three pimples here and there. And now I think I have become a veteran in treating them and so wanted to share with you one of the pack that I have been using to get a cleaner face. This is one such mask and if you guys will like that I will share more recipes of the face mask with you guys here. 
So let's just quickly jump to the DIY.

Things you all be needing is are a bowl, a face mask brush, Peppermint essential oil, Khadi neem tulsi powder or you can also you a simple fullers earth that is also known as multani mitti and the last is the oriflame ecobeauty toner with rose and chamomile in it. you can also substitute it with a pure rose water as I have been doing in my teens.

These are steps to make a good mask for your skin. The pictures pretty much tell you how to mix all the ingredients and finally you get a paste like mask that you have to apply all over your face leaving you eye are and lips.

Let the mask dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and tada you are done. Make sure to use this pack every week to get the results that I claim here.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post and will find it useful and I will talk to you guys later.