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What I picked from H&M this time !

Hello my beautiful virtual friends

How are you all doing out there ? We are already down with one full complete month of January of 2018 and February is also in its last stages. This is the best time of the year. The environment and atmosphere around feels so fresh and rejuvenated. I love this time of the year.

Recently I have finding few good pieces of clothing for myself and see which I store I just landed into. Yes its none other than H&M. I my previous posts I did mention that H&M have started a store at my city and that time also got few accessories and apparel for myself.

And this time I just stocked up few more pieces from them which are now dded to my wardrobe now.
There was no sale there, yeah I know I should have waited for the sale. But I just had that feeling to my something from them, you know that is the shopaholic thing that we all girls and boys as well have in us that benefits the brands...hahahaha

So have a look what I got from them.

1. Navy green colored furred jacket
Price: It costed me 3000 INR, that will be around $42 -$45

2. Pure white sweater
Price: I dont remember the exact price but I think it was about 1500 INR

3. A pair of flats
Price: I purchased this for 999 INR

I hope you liked the post and my picks from them.Do tell me in the comments below.
 Go and get yourselves treated with their pieces at the stores or online H&M

PS: Not a sponsored post.


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