LAKME ABSOLUTE Perfect Radiance kit - Review

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How is the summer season going ? It rained heavily here in Delhi today. Yes I am in Delhi these days because of work. I have been shifting cities in past 2 to 3 years and I tell you that is not an easy task but I manage somehow. But that is life, giving you all new opportunities and you have to be there to grab them. This is how it is but I enjoy it. Well that's about what is currently going on. Moving on I am here to review Lakme Absolute perfect radiance kit today.

PACKAGING: This kit comes in a white colored packaging. It is quite shiny and glossy with sturdy cardboard box. It is an ideal gift that be can be given to someone who like skincare products. So it is a nice gifting item.

COMPONENTS: Inside the box you will find 4 items which are:
1. Lakme absolute perfect radiance face wash
2. Lakme absolute perfect radiance day cream
3. Lakme absolute perfect radiance night cream
4. Lakme massager

1. Nice outer packaging plus the cream containers are silver colored that look gorgeous.
2. Appropriately priced, you can get it at discount online as well
3. Fragrance of both the cream is amazing. Lakme people do wonders with the fragrance part of the product whether its their moisturizer, sunscreen or any other cream.
4.There are 2 different attachments to the massager which can be switched over to according to one's need. The massager does improves the blood circulation in you face skin.
5. Texture of the day and night cream is good and don't make your face patchy.
6.The creams absorb well and don't make the face oily at all.

Your face do look brightened up after the application of these creams on regular basis but I didn't find the effect to be permanent one.Plus the face wash could little bit dry out your skin especially if you have dry skin like me so you may consider this as con. Everything else is fine.

I hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comment section below and just keeping visiting for more news on makeup , beauty, hair and fashion. See you in my next post.


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