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We live in a world where beauty does not necessarily have to come naturally. A world where it is very okay if you don’t like the body that you came in. A world that provides you the necessary information and essential tools to get your body goals.
It is not limited to having an hourglass figure or full lips or rounded butts. The beauty department makes provisions for even the negligible flaws in the corners of your bodies. It is now very easy to add fun to your boring fingernails which is our today’s topic of interest.

As summer approaches, you might need some info on nail arts you can wear to suit the season perfectly. There is an amazingly long list of ways you can express yourself through the designs on your fingertips. If you try new nail designs every week, we bet you’d never get to the end of the list before winter hits the earth’s surface.
Before we proceed to talking about the best ideas of nail designs you can rock this summer, we’d like to take you down memory lane. The 21st century fashion lovers are not the only ones who like getting their nails done; there are countless number of people who have engaged in the same ritual in the past. Many sources praised India for being the origin of nail art as women dyed and still dye their fingertips with henna. It is, however, murkier than what we have today and that’s where the word ‘evolution’ comes to play.
From using crushed orchid and rose petals to create a properly pigmented effect on the nails to the invention of nail polish, the nail industry evolved magically.

Besides its interesting history, nail art has an indelible relevance which goes a long way in defining the personality of an individual, especially women. Wearing brightly colored French manicures could tell us about your classiness while opting for black nails would hint at rebellion.
The influence of the media on the art of decorating the nails has made it more accessible to everyone. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is trending and it allows the population to get more creative even without the help of a professional.

As good as the information on the media is, it can go wrong if you are not aware of certain things. Below are key factors to consider before sinking yourself into the sea of discoveries:
·         Color
There are just two categories of colors in the world; the noticeable ones and the unnoticeable ones. While you can sport colors like red, dreamy turquoise, sunset yellow and millennial pink, you can also wear natural nail polish colors. They come in different shades of nudes to match your nail and skin color. You’re summer-ready regardless of your decisions.
·         Design/Art
There are super gorgeous nail art looks that go well with summer – ranging from classy and subtle to wild and graphic. By the time you go through several lists of designs on the media, you would see that manicure inspiration can even come from your kitchen.
·         Shapes & Length
All shapes work for summer when you find your best nail shape. Let’s help you do that in a jiffy.

-       Round shapes: Classy and best for elongating short fingers. They go with all colors.  

 -       Oval shapes: These are definitely yours if you have wide nail beds. It’s cool to wear them long with nail arts on them. 
-          Square shapes: This is another option for nails with wide beds only that they are best worn short with high-shine solid colors.

       Squoval shapes: A little of oval and a little of square, amazing isn’t it? Squoval fits all hand shapes and sizes. Just wear with geometric nail art or cream-finish pastels. 

       Almond shapes: Most suitable for long and slender fingers but not for nail biters; they would ruin the rounded point. Wear with neutral polishes and touches of metallic element.

    Summer is the season of beach days, short dresses and colorful nails. Go floral, try geometrics, polka dots are your friends and stripes never go wrong.

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