Colorbox nail polishes by Oriflame sweden- Review

Hello my beautiful internet people
How are you all doing? Life has become super busy. Travel to work, then take classes and then travel back and then do my studies and work again back in the room. It has become super hectic and how absurd it may sound I am enjoying it. However, my interaction with you all at the blog has suffered but I will try making out to you  as much as I can.

So today I am showing a new set of nail polishes from oriflame sweden. They are called colorbox nail colors. I got these from their previous catalog that is for the month of July and I think now they have came up again with a new set of pastel nail colors in the range 'THE ONE' and I am already all drooling over it. who don't like pastels in summer-monsoon season.
Coming back to the nail colors in hand, there are 10 shades which are namely Coral Pop, Soft Lavendar, Soft Red, Rich Pink, Soft Berry, Bright Raspberry, Brick Burgundy and Soft Plum ..........

I tried all these shades on different ocassions like to my work, classes and a family event back home. I am really enjoying playing with so many colors and now I am short on nail polish remover. Heheh.... you know what I mean when you want to change the nail colors every two days then surely one need to have a good supply of nail polish remover as well. But I did not consider it buying it before.

These nail colors are 5 ml . These nail colors have glossy finish and mind it you will fall in love with the kind of suave touch they give to your hands over all. I am currently in love with the shade soft lavendar. The brush is good you don''t end up painting your nail sides or the side skin basically when you apply it. That usually happens with me and I have to take extra caution.

I checked online people giving you all sorts of suggestions of taping your nail sides before you apply the color to your nails but I feel that's too much  time consuming plus I am kind of person who is in the habit of applying the nail paints in  shortest possible time unless I am doing a nail art. So this brush solves that problem to an extent for me and I think it will also for most of you out there.

Plus  its small size just keeps the nail color too handy and you can grab two or three of them and quickly put them in you handbag.
Well price is also fine considering how other brands are increasingly pricing their nail colors on a higher side. An added benefit is that you get discounts on the catalog price and so overall its a win win thing.

I hoped you liked the post and find it useful. Do share your nail  painted hands pictures with me on my facebook account and even on google plus comments I would love to see them. See you all in my next post.


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