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ORIFLAME's : Mocha Intensity, Always Cranberry, Forever Plum & Violet Extreme - Review & Swatches

Hello to all beautiful ladies out here
Welcome back all. Today I am going to review Four new shades of the Oriflame's THE ONE color unlimited lipstick today. I have already reviewed two of the shades from the collection so today its time for these ones. The shades that I am gonna review are Forever Plum, Mocha Intensity, Violet Extreme and Always Cranberry.

CURRENTLY LOVING : Oriflame's Endless Red & Fuschia Excess Lipcolors

Hello to all my cupcakes here!!!   How has it been going? Guys,you gonna get just the regular dose of beauty and fashion here on Hair, Fashion and beauty. It’s so chilly outside and let me tell you what I am exactly doing right now. The room heater is on, a cup of cappuccino besides me, blanket on my legs…ya you got me I am in my bed and writing this to all you guys here on the blog. So yeah that’s pretty much what I am doing right now. Today my friends I am gonna be reviewing two shades of the ORIFLAME’s THE ONE color unlimited lipstick. The shades that I am gonna talk about are Endless Red and Fuschia Excess, Two of my currently favorites shades from the newly launched lip colors.


A very merry Christmas guys!!!!!

Have a wonderful time....  Spend it with you loved ones....take care....


Hello pretty ladies
Its just two days to Christmas so I thought of making some Christmas cards for my friends and family and thought of sharing those with you guys here. Cards are a great way of showing your feelings to someone. It's great way of greeting someone. No matter how much gadgets and apps we have these days to wish our family and friends, a  card for your friends really makes the occasion special. and if the card is handmade then its better naaa.....this shows how much effort you have put in it and you really mean and not just giving it for the sake of an occasion. So here are few cards that I made . 

Oriflame India's THE ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick...... Launched

Hello pretty ladies
ya you heard it right girls. Oriflame's The One Color unlimited Lipstick has been launched here in India this December. The brand has come up with the lipsticks in 8 shades, each of which looks so fantastic.
The day their THE ONE collection has been launched I have been looking forward to the exact month when these lipsticks will come in their Catalogue and finally guys December is the lucky month to get these lipsticks launched. December is a very special month. Its the Christmas month guys plus it marks the end of one year while beginning of another. and you know what festival time means great deals and discounts on the products, be it clothing,makeup or skincare.


Hello my dear friends

First of all HAPPY HOLIDAYS..... Yeah guys I am just loving my holidays right now. Hope you all doing the same. Enjoying this part of the year with Christmas just few days away.  Well today I am going to be introducing a new website called to you guys here. Well all of you know how much I love shopping online and I just keep on searching for great websites for clothing, shoes, accessories and all that stuff and this one such site that I really think is nice.

Just One Day to Go! Book yours now. The Nature's Co. Christmassy Beauty Wish Box

It's time to get your stoles and shawls out! We are giving away free stoles with our December BeautyWish Box - Christmassy Special. Book your Boxes tomorrow itself, as subscriptions end Monday night. Enjoy winters with our warm freebie and a luxurious pamper from our Christmassy Products. So, Chris Kid, we here, are so ready to be your Secret Santa. Book right away at : @ for just Rs. 595/-.
The Nature's Co. takes on the fight against Dengue & Malaria
With an aim to raise awareness and control the rising number of Dengue & Malaria cases across the country, The Nature's Co. does it all they can to prevent the spread of virus with their motto of "Sheild your Family!". With dengue wreaking havoc and malaria spreading like wild fire, on popular demand The Nature's Co. offers BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on their Citronella Insect Repellent Spray. The unique combination of Citronella, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Oil formulated by the experts of TNC,…

My First RIVER ISLAND Bag from

Hello girls

How is everybody doing out there. It's getting colder here in north India and you know what I feel like going to hibernation. Literally guys I don't feel like doing anything and this maybe because my Exams have just ended. I was in so much pressure during those days and i think these are pressure release days going on...hahaha...... It's been two days since My exam ended and I must tell you what I am usually doing these days. I EAT.....SLEEP.....TV and REPEAT. ya guys....that's the truth and i don't even wanted to open my laptop .....can you believe that...By now yo must have known How lazy I am...hahahah.....But amid all of this I never forgot about shopping. Yeah....How can I forget that. You know Jabong is one of my favorite  site that I keep checking and the day I saw that has RIVER ISLAND I wanted to have my hands on their bag and I finally did and that's what I am going to share with you guys here....

Winter Love from TNC The Nature's Co. spreads love with their new launches this Winters!

1) The Nature's Co.: Lip-Pops


Hello beautiful ladies
How is everybody? Here I am with another review for you guys. This time I am going to review THE ONE illuskin concealer. Well concealer is very important part of the makeup. It is the one that hides every kind of imperfections of the face. You guys know that we girls have lot of pimple problem and these zombies appear on the face especially when you have to go out in a day or two leaving the marks behind. Many of you might be relating to my situation right now....Isn't it right. Also don't forget about that dark circles due to improper sleeping cycles...may be due to work....internet and in my case studying for exams. So during these times concealer comes so much handy and that is why I consider it as an important part part while doing your makeup. So yes the Oriflame has come up with a new concealer in their collection THE ONE that will be reviewed here today....

Cheap lace wedding dresses from

A girl's wedding is the most important day in her life.Everybody wants to look their best,,ofcourse every girl deserves a beautiful wedding and should get one.Most important is the wedding dress,,I personally am a lover of lace dresses and if you could get a beautiful lace wedding dress,,what else do you need??? lace spells pure elegance...