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MARKS and SPENCER - Spring 2017 Collection

Happy Spring ladies Today’s post is going to be bit different. In my post I will talk about latest collections that the brands are launching and promoting this spring season. Plus I will also be sharing with you guys how you can layer and combine different pieces of clothing the get that diva look this spring season. I am actually considering of doing it like a series of the ‘spring collection 2017’. So the first in this series is the brand Marks and Spencer. Well this brand is actually everywhere. Whether it’s the clothing department, lingerie, beauty essentials, makeup, body care or fragrances.  This year it has launched like something new in like every of its department with this current spring theme.

Freeman's Dead sea minerals anti-stress Mask review

I always love pampering my skin. I believe face masks are the best things that we humans have created. They are like food to the skin. With markets flooded with so many kinds and types of masks it becomes difficult for us to decide which one to use. There are many claiming to give you nourished skin or the one claiming to provide fairness and all other things that one usually sees on the advertisements and on the product itself, all this puts us under even more perplexity. Clay mask, mud mask, peel off mask, paper mask, thermo pack are some of the examples that we see in the markets. However, whatever may be the case be we have to get one’s that is actually effective. I personally am a big fan of clay/Mud masks. Well both of these are technically the same. I have researched several times to find a difference between the two but have not found any distinctive difference between the two.

What's new at

Hello to all the beautiful ladies out there A very happy women’s day to all. Well as today the internet is all flooded with posts about women’s day I am here at my blog to write about . Many of you must have read few posts about this online shopping site in the past on my blog and here I am with a new one. Today I took a day off from my work. It was not like I did not want to go but actually my body won’t allow me to go. I am having a bad cough and all my body is aching. I have been sleeping all day. I barely woke to make myself lunch in the afternoon and then again pushed myself up again to make a cup of tea. So finally I was when checking out mails, I decided to write something up on the blog. Blog work always keeps me going on, whatever may be the circumstances, speaking of which lets just quickly go through the details know.

My Inspirations

Hello everybody How are you all doing ? Well today is quite cold here in Gurgaon. Yesterday I was thinking that winters are all gone but today made me realise the opposite though. I picked my cotton top and layered it up with hot pink thin cardigan just in case I felt cold. But as I stepped outside my apartment I realized that this pair of clothes was not right option for today. Having no time to change I had to go to the office dressed like that only. Although I am looking good, I saw some eyes rolling in a positive manner of course but I know that I am feeling a little bit of cold.

Little Gold Dress body Lotion by Avon

Hello my social media family Two months of 2017 are already down and here comes the March. In India the month of March means to say bye to those chilly winter days of January and  welcome sun kissed months. However the skin still needs a good amount of moisturization especially when you have skin like me and that is dry. So this time I invested in Avon little gold dress body lotion to give the required moisturization. This little dress collection by Avon has always been my favorite. As I recall I when I was in school my mother used to get me the little black dress talcum powder and I would love its fragrance. I however never had a chance to get its EDT. Little black dress went on for quite a long time till they launched little gold and little red dress.