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Hello ladies!!!!!
How are you all doing. Well today I am going to share a special news with you all here. Yes Its about I have already mentioned about this site here on my blog and you might have known how impressed I am with this online shopping store which offers you a great variety of customized jewelry designs. you get almost everything here on this online shopping store. You think and they make you what you need,,,,,entirely based upon your choice.


Hello my lovely readers!!!
Greetings to everybody,,I hope you all are having a great summer,,a summer to remember and cherish always!!
Summer season has been associated with a lot of things,like,the sun,the beach,,holidays,,travelling to nice destinations,,summer dresses,,sandals,,flip flops,,ice creams,,but I really like to call it the flip flop season,I don't know why but I find this name really fun and smart.I also personally like wearing cute flip flops during the whole summer.They are so comfortable and cute kind of footwear,,and you can get them in so many designs and colors that you can easily color coordinate them with your outfits,,maybe you are wearing shorts,,maxi dresses,,short dresses,,of your comfy lounge wear.


Hello Ladies!!!
How are you doing? My summer holidays are on and I was getting very bored. So one day I was thinking what should I do, what should I do and suddenly my eyes glanced over some crafty material from Ya guys....You know my love for this craft store. It offers actually name a thing and you get it don't have to go anywhere yes, I thought of making few decorative jars and storage boxes for my room.
So here is a quick post about all the things I made. Have a look girls!!!!


Hello my beautiful ladies!!!
How are you all? You know my love for scarves and stoles. They brighten up even a simple outfit. If you are going out want to wear something very casual or plain but still look classy then you just need a scarf or a stole (plus your sunnies in this summer season) and you are done.....BEING SIMPLE BUT WITH A know what I mean guys.....

Few days back I got an opportunity to review a site called Elabore Store and guess what......Its a store of shawls, stoles and scarfs  and as you know I am a scarfy and stoly person I was very happy.
So here I am to share somethings about this online site.

Strut through the monsoons beautifully with The Nature's Co. June special Beauty Wish Box!

The beautiful monsoon is just upon us, and what a relief it is from the heat and dust! The monsoon, with its cooling showers and winds, gives us the much-needed relief from the scorching summers. We all know that despite the romanticism associated with the monsoons; this season is not really conducive to looking good, as it brings along a lot of  humidity, grime and pollution which is the main culprit for all your skin and hair problems! Angry, oily and irritated skin from the summer topped with the monsoon leads to further aggravation of acne, dull skin, open pores and any infection along your body folds. From skin breakouts, body aches, numbing sensations to brittle and fragile hair, frizziness and fungal infections, there are many beauty woes you need to combat this season. 

Since the showers are not too far, it is wise to gear up for the monsoon by investing in rain-specific beauty saviors. The Nature’s Co. yet again simplifies this for you with an array of 6 deluxe products in the…