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Hello my Beautiful friends
How are you all doing? So I went for shopping two days back with my mom and got little stuff that I am going to show you guys here. I did very strict shopping, I would say. I only got what I needed because I already have lot of  stuff that I don't even use. You must know that all of us girls, whenever go out for shopping we just end up buying so many things only because it is cute or we like the packaging or its a new product or it smells good and there are hundred more reasons. So I was with my mom and got only the necessary items. So here is what I got....


Hello everyone!
How are you all ? Today I am going to show you all different ways of styling those "six yards of sheer elegance" - SARI

Not only the Indians but I think most of the people know what a sari is. It has became very popular among people from different parts of the world. But for those who don't what it is, here is a little about it.


Hello everyone
How are you all? Well this part of the year is full of festivities and celebrations, especially in India, A country full of colors and festivals. Also I call this part of the year as the wedding season, because most of the weddings as per experience happens during this period (especially here in India).
Everyone wants er big day to be special and unique. There should be something different and new that any one has ever done during their wedding days. Everyone of us dream about that day and want it to be just perfect. There must be many brides to be who are at this time reading this post, so today I am going to give you few ideas that how can you plan everything out. Basically, I am going to share with you some themes for your or any one of your friends, family members for their dream wedding.


Hi my beautiful readers!!!!
How are you all doing.....It has been such a long period since I have last posted on my blog. By now you would have known what keeps me away from my love for blogging....Yes you are guessing it right, My exams and my university stuff. Last one and a half month was very busy and stressful for me. A lot of things were going on, My exams, engineering projects, assignments and seminars, a lot of things guys.....Really

I know my absence from the blog was worrying some  people. Launna has even messaged me showing her concern on my absence and asking were I was (Thanks Launna for your really means alot to me. Gestures like these show how much your readers love you and care about thank you very much)
 I am really sorry for that And I want to tell you guys that I missed all of you a lot. I missed posting, reading your lovely comments, reading blogs of other bloggers. No one better than me know how much I hated it to not be able to write and p…