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Tricks To Wearing Cute Backpacks Like A Stylish Grown Up

Hello my pumpkins!!!!
So here is a quick post on how to wear cute backpacks even after growing up, when we finally think it is the time to part away from our cute backpacks,this post will tell it's actually not. After high school, you may have thought that you have to graduate from carrying those cute backpacks that you have to bring. When you go to college and when you started working, you thought that those cute backpacks no longer have a place in your closet or in your grown-up outfits. Well, think again. Backpacks are classics and they will certainly never be out of style. Thanks to the trendy and cute styles of the backpacks that we have today, it is easy for you to incorporate them into your trendy outfits to make them look even more stylish. But how would you do that exactly? Here are some of the tricks that you should know about:

My Purchases from THE BODY SHOP

Hello my beautiful readers!!!! Monsoon is finally here in Delhi. I have always the rainy season. I feel so calm and serene. Rainy season can make even so much populated city like Delhi even look so beautiful and peaceful. Having a cup of tea with hot pakaros (Indian snack) especially if it made by your mother, while sitting in your veranda, really makes me feel happy. Today in the morning I went with bunch of my friends and had chole bhature (for my non indian readers, it is basically a indian bread with grams. My more inquistive readers can search the pic online). Well well well. It was a quite a rain and each of us picked up our umbrellas and went to the market to have breakfast. Yes we walked.......and it was astounding experience. Well I can go on and on....and now I think I should shut up and tell you what I got from THE BODY SHOP.