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Garnier Ultra blends with royal jelly and lavender

Hello beautiful ladies It is such a wonderful day today. I talked to my elder sister and had so much discussions about like everything and felt so happy and content. She has guided me at every stage of my life. Every person of my family have affected by life in a very positive manner and I am very thankful to them about that, and she is like sunshine of my life.  Talking about sunshine well right now I am sitting beside my flat window, the sunlight from the outside is giving me apt amount of warmth that I need at this moment while I am writing this post.

Winter Foot Care Regime

Winters are finally here and my skin is getting pretty much dry. Yes, I have a dry skin. For people like me the companies out there make super moisturizing creams and lotions and I am extremely thankful to them, otherwise I cannot imagine how skin would have survived in these winter days. In summers it is Ok but during winters my skin does asks for some extra care. Plus my skin is a combination of dry and sensitive. A little bit of something causes scratches and rashes. I got such a kind of skin from my dear dad. Yes it runs in genes you can say but not from my mother side. My mom have super soft, smooth and sensitive skin. I always tell her that why didn’t I get your kind of skin. My elder sister is blessed with the same though.