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Iconic Giordini Gold Lipsticks Oriflame

Hello sun shines Today is the last day of October and I am really sad. It is the best month of the year for me. Since it’s my birthday month, and not just that, all the Indian festivals falls in this month as well and it marks the start of season ‘fall’ which is my favorite. So yesterday was Diwali and I had a great great day. Diwali is a biggest festival here in India. It is same as Christmas. I will share entire details of the day in my next post but today I wish you to have a look on these gorgeous iconic Giordini gold lipsticks from Oriflame with SPF 15. These lipsticks are beautifully packaged with gold and black outer cardboard cover. The lipstick shell is all gold making it look royal and so classy. I am super impressed with the packaging. I really loved it.

ORIFLAME SkinPro Cleansing System

Greetings to all!!! Every one of us are not so good at something while we are perfect at others. The same is applicable to the beauty part. Some of us are blessed with beautiful hands, some with hair and some with skin. But with this, it is also necessary that we make continuous effort to maintain what dear lord has given us. What I personally believe is that it is very important to take care about things if you wish them to stay beautiful for longer or like forever. I have always admired women with beautiful skin and have always wanted the same for me as well. I have seen many Youtubers and bloggers talk about some cleansing system that they claimed to help your skin look amazing. I have been always been fascinated by such machines and today  I am going to review one such that is called Oriflame SkinPro cleansing system. So let me just cut short the chat and directly jump over to the review.


Happy fall to all!!!!
This part of year is full of festivities here in India. Two –three days back it was Durga Ashtmi and then there was Dussehra. Many of my readers may not be knowing about these festivals,so let me just give you a quick information about it. Durga Ashtmi ,in India, is the day when goddess Durga is worshipped . She is said to be the mother of whole mankind and therefore is often denoted ma Durga. There have been different avataras (incarnations) of ma Durga on this earth and hence Devi (one of many names of the goddess) ma is celebrated and worshipped for 9 days, each one of the nine days dedicated to each different avatara of goddess Durga. On the eighth day of these nine days Durga is worshipped and people offer their prayers to Ma(mother) . Ashtmi is a Sanskrit word that which in English means eighth.