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ORIFLAME'S Love Nature Lip Balm review

Good morning to some and night to others. Yes this is the power of internet girls. I realize it every time when I want to connect with you all and it gives me a way to do the  same. well I am a big fan of lip balms. I have always been fascinated by all the new lip products that come into the market  especially the lip care ones than the cosmetic ones. These lip care products really help to protect the most sensitive part of your face that is the lips and I have always been fond of them. So today I am going to introduce you girls to these new lip balms that oriflame Sweden recently launched here in India that are from their collection Love nature. Isn't the collection name in itself so amazing. Yes indeed.


Hello to all amazing readers

Today India celebrates its 70th Independence day. This day fills in a feeling of nationalism and patriotism in all of us. No matter how different people are, on this day everyone of us feel that we all are one family.

Toaday the country's Prime Minister gave an effective speech againt terrorsim and in favour of world peace at the Red Fort and a big round of applause to him for saying that. I think this is an issue for which while of the world will join its hands.

An then there was the indenpence day parade and the national anthem. All this was such a chilling experience for me. Such days seriously arouses a strong feeling of love for the nation and this what I felt today on this day.
I hope every Indian would be feeling the same.

This is all for today blog readers. Well for the reviews and other post you guys dont have to wait any more, they are also on their way here so stay tuned.

Vande Matram

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'Khadi' products are known for being natural and pure. The company claims to use all natural ingredients in the products it manufactures. The term khadi has been popularly used in the history of India. Mr. Mohan Das Kara Chand Gandhi, also known as Gandhi as well as Bapu has a big connection to the term khadi, actually. It is a tale of a time when India was under the rule of the east India company. The company brought its indigenous products to the land of India that fascinated the natives people. It was actually a strategy of the foreign people to make the natives slaves of their products and ultimately theirs. Well this scenario has always been faced by one or the other country in some point in the history. While all this was going Gandhi came with the concept "wear indigenously produced cloth" and this cloth produced by the Indians were called khadi.