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Value for money clothing at

Hello my internet friends How are you all doing? Well today’s post will be an ‘outfit of the day’ post. Yeaahhh… I am doing that after a while you know. I am feeling super excited about it. So first of all I must introduce you all to this really great site that is called This online store has like everything from dresses, skirts, outerwear, winter wear, tops, accessories, clothing in plus size and even men’s wear. This is whole lot of stuff, and that is not it within all these categories you again have lot of variety to chose from like the florals, glitters, classics and basics, strips, velvet revival and list goes on and on. They have gorgeous collection. Nowadays you may find internet with plethora of websites for clothing, accessories, footwear and all other stuff and it becomes very difficult for we as a customers to decide from which online store we shall get our products from. Plus there is always an apprehension when we order something from a new and global website…

MAYBELLINE The Blushed Nudes eye shadow palette review

Hello Loves It’s is super chilly here in Gurgaon. My brother and I are thinking on what to have for dinner. Within all those wavering thoughts of making dinner or ordering it, we finally decided on having vegetable noodles and vegetable roll as our dinner which he has gone to pick up from the Chinese food corner and while he comes I decided on doing a blogpost for you guys. So the product that I am going to review is by Maybelline that their ‘the blushed nudes’ eye shadow palette. I love buying eye shadows and eye colors a lot. Although I don’t use eye makeup regularly even though such palettes always take heart away with them and finally I end up buying these. So this is how I ultimate have quite a few of them now and out them many colors still are untouched by me hehehehe……I am a makeup collector.

ORIFLAME ESSENTIALS Cold and Fairness Cream Review

Hello Pretty ladies!!!
How are you all? What are your resolutions for this year ? For me it will be working more and more in order to achieve inner satisfaction. Sounds kind of heavy,isn't it? But this what it is. Since this is the month of January and the weather is super chilly here in India. The degrees are falling every passing day and my skin texture being dry demands extra care from my side. So this time I invested in some creams that I am going to review here in the blog post. They are called oriflame essentials cold cream and 5 in one fairness cream.