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Namastey Pumpkins Quickly, everyone reading the post first of all tell me what all is going on in your lives? Is there a new school you are joining, changing a job or joining the first one, one’s going to senior year raise your hands, or those still in the high school, is any one of you shifting to a new place for your education or job, or is there any wedding around the corner, tell me in the comments. I really wish to know what all my readers are doing while they know everything about me or you guys still wish to know more just drop me a mail. If you wish to send me postcard you can also do that for that you just drop me mail and I will send you my address.

My Thanksgiving dress at Stylewe

Hello Beauties!!!! How are you all doing? As for me I am very excited about Thanksgiving which falls on 24th of this month. Well I will be in the office on this date, since it’s not an off here in India on this day but this isn’t going stop my shopaholic self from buying something for the occasion. Well we girls need an excuse to go shopping. High five…. So first of all what I will be needing is a beautiful thanksgiving dress. You all know that one can get a wide variety of dress at This site has literally a dress for every occasion and I am hoping to buy one from here for the coming thanksgiving.

Tell Me a Story by Ravinder Singh - Book Review

Hello my beautiful ladies!!!!
Happy Saturday to all. Well it almost mid of the November and yes ladies winters are here. I realized that while sitting on the bed and my feet started feeling so cold that I had to take out my teddy bear socks on. And right now I am feeling like having a cup of green tea. So coming to the point for which I am here online is to tell you about a book that I am reading. Basically it’s a 'currently favorite book post' or whatever you like to say it. It doesn't matter, isn't it ladies as long as you just love reading my posts.  The booking I am talking about here is called ‘Tell Me a Story’ and instead of being written by, it’s edited by Ravinder Singh.