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Hello Makeup Lovers

This is cleaning time. In my post I will be sharing with how I clean my makeup brushes.
I love doing makeup with brushes than my fingers so it becomes important for me to keep them clean and hygienic. The method is quite simple and thrifty as well. You don't have to spend a lot of money on buying those specialized soaps meant for cleaning the makeup brushes. Use just a simple face wash of yours that you have not been using for long time and want to get rid off it soon. This is what I  usually do  with my old and not so favorite face washes or body washes. I called it UPCYCLING.
Do it as much as you can and save your precious money.

Here take a look.

Things you will need: Dirty makeup brushes, old face wash ( I am using lakme face wash here) , an old coffee mug and some paper napkins.

KORUS ESSENTIALS - Essential oils: Set of 6

Hello followers and readers Finally weekend is here and I am feeling so happy. Although I love working and so also like those five days of the week but weekend is special especially because these two days are different with respect your routine. Your day to night routine changes a bit on weekends when you can just relax and pamper yourself either by having good clay mask on your face and Epsom salt warm water for your aching feet or you can cook some delicious food for yourselves. You know what I mean. So it’s a break from regular food and work routine. Coming to the article that I have decided to write today is about essential oils.