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Hey guys!!!! How you are all doing. I am back with new post. You know I am very crazy about   nail paints. They are my weakness. Whenever I go to the shop to get my beauty essentials and there at the counter these lovelies are always staring at me to pick them up and try them on.  There is not a single time that I have returned from the market without 2 or 3 of these. And now I have boxes (storage place) of these. I just love to color my nails. I change the color on my nails after every 2-3 days and my very favorite ones are on my nails even more than a week. I have nail enamels in different colors of various brands. Following are my 3 latest nail paints purchase. These are the Elle 18 nail pops. After using them I thought of sharing my experience with these with you. So here I go….