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Oriflame's Novage pore and line perfector review

Hello readers!!
Today we are going to talk about Oriflame India's one of the recent products i.e. pore and line perfector from their Novage range.I guess this has been launched since last 3-4 months if i am correct.I had received this like a month or more ago but didn't had a chance to try this or include this in my skincare regime.Since the weather in north India has now gone very harsh and my ongoing skincare was not helping me much i decided to switch it and was looking for other products lying in my vanity.This was when i rediscovered this product lying in one of the drawers of my dresser.So i decided to give it a try since my skin is getting very dry,so whenever i want to put my bb or cc creams i get a hard time to blend them in smoothly.

When its time,, Be prepared!!

Hello my beautiful readers!
Today's article is very different from the regular articles and is about a much more important topic.We i.e. me and you all are admirers of all things nice and beautiful which pretty much explains why we all are a part of beauty industry.But something is much more vital than beauty i.e. our health.A women's body goes through a lot of changes in one's life. There is menarche,puberty,adolescence, pregnancy and menopause which is a difficult time for many women but pregnancy is most important of them all.