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Hello my beautiful readers
I am feeling red today. Yes, RED is the color of the season and I am so obsessed with it. You know I am so in love with this color that I had my laptop just because it was red. I had to buy a new laptop for myself. For all this long all, the laptops that I have been using were gifted to me by my brother but this time I had to get it with my own money plus my previous one had got some technical glitch.


Good morning sunshines
Today I am going to a different kind of post. It’s not a product review, nor review neither is this a DIY post. I will tag it under lifestyle genre. Yes you read that right. In my post I am going to share with my day routine like how my day starts and ends and everything about it. My weekends and week days are quite different. Since I am a working software engineer, so sometimes my weekends are also like weekdays.  Sometimes everything goes so busy that managing things become quite difficult. This happens with all of us. You are not alone girl. Well at office my project is at that time of the year, when things are on little lighter side, as for my work is concerned, that usually donot happen. Whatever may be the case be, I always try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Because blog is my first love and me as software engineer is my second. Heheheheh

MUD N CLAYS : Types and benefits

Lewis Litt (Suits) famously says ‘Donna, let go mudding’.
I love clay and mud masks. Though the difference between is not much and in my opinion it is one and the same thing.
Here I am going to talk all about different types of clays and muds that have so many benefitting ingredients in them that helps to treat the skin and make it glow.
Basically clays are recommended for getting rid of that excessive oil from the skin that causes all sorts of skin problems like acne, scars, rashes, bacterial growth etc. All these clays are related in terms of their base however some of them may vary in type of results that we draw out from their usage.

ORIFLAME Makeup Brushes Haul

Hello world How is everybody in the world out there? So let’s play a game. Before going through the post first of all quickly jump on to the comment section and share with me what were you all doing before checking out your blog? For me before I was posting the blog I was making myself a cup of tea and I am having some cookies as I upload the post on the blog. This is gonna be fun. I really want to hear from you guys. Don’t be silent readers. Hahaha So today’s post is going to be haul post in which I will be showing some makeup brushes from Oriflame that I recently got.


Happy summer my blog readers
Summers are finally here in Delhi NCR. It’s just few days past of April and I can feel the heat. Last week of March was no less. The sun was shining very brightly, draining much of my body when go out for work. Inside the office you don’t feel it but yes outside you can feel all that heat in the environment. Also I have been disturbed by the fact that this year the temperature has been at least 6 degrees more than what it was in the past five years. This news concerns me a bit. Now I realize all those concepts of global warming that I have been all reading about in my school days, I now am experiencing it for a while. So guys do take a protective measure for yourselves to beat the heat as well do a bit for the betterment of the Mother Nature. Saying all that lets move todays post. I am a doing a tutorial today or what we usually say Do it yourself Post.