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This February, it's all about love! The Nature's Co. announces their limited edition "Pure Seduction" BeautyWish Box.

It’s that time of year again, and – whether you’re single or loved up – it's the month of love rapidly approaching us. Forget chocolates and roses, this year we’re lusting after the ambrosial, The Nature's Co. "Pure Seduction" BeautyWish Box. With the lusciously alluring mix of five deluxe sample sized products plus one full size product, the choice-fully picked pampering essentials brace to get you date-ready.  Creating love-bound, the plush combinations of body butters, mists, body wash, bath salts, the new lip-pops and not to forget, an enchanting complimentary gift, all curated with a sensuous touch to bewitch your senses and dazzle your mind. The charm doesn't end here, "Pure Seduction" BeautyWish Box comes with a 35% discount voucher and also with the ease of a Cash on Delivery option available.  Individually, the products would cost a whopping amount, but you can get your hands on the lot for just Rs. 595 with this limited-edition box, by simply cl…


Hello Ladies How are you all doing? Ya I know I have been missing for quite few days from the blog. The reason is my “other than” blog assignments and work. University, exams, projects and all stuff like that. Sometimes it becomes little difficult to balance between the two but I always make sure that blog never gets the back seat and so I have taken out time for my blog love and here I am. OK then…..
Well everyone who is a continuous reader of my blog would know by now that how obsessed I am with Oriflame’s THE ONE range. And every month the company comes up with some adorable products and they are just fab….


Hello Everyone

Happy Lohri to everyone!!!!

For those who dont know what "LOHRI" is, here is some details about it. Lohri is basically a festival that is celebrated widely in the northern parts of India. It usually occurs in the mid of January and usually its on 13th of January and the next day is Makar sankranti. (It marks the beginning of a new month)

During the day time its celebrated by flying kites. Kite flying is more of a competition. Everyone tries to cut each others kites so as to become the winner of the game. The entire sky is filled with colorful kits and the atmosphere is so joyous and full of happiness.

Check Out The Most Popular Online Fashion Stores

Fashion - the word itself says it all. One feels completely left out in a group of people if he is not a fashionista. Now, this mainly confers to the youngsters who are the real trendsetters in the present scenario. The kind of attitude, style, education and even the outfits are related to the recent trend and fashion.It is not a surprise indeed when you see a freaky guy on the road. But, what exactly means fashion? It is not just your English accent but, the way you carry out yourself in the most stylish manner and that’s what keeps you going, making you a fashionable person indeed. As we see, the trend of shopping has also been changed a lot. People hardly now prefer offline shopping. They are now more into online shopping. As a result, we have seen the boom in e-commerce and it is growing as one of the fastest sector in the country.There are innumerable online stores where you can get anything under the sun, with much better discounts. This is the best advantage of online shopping …

STREAX Hair Serum with Walnut Oil

Bonjour ladies!!!! Comment allez vous??? (How are you) It’s too cold outside….it’s like freezing cold. There has been a power cut at my place since morning and this is freaking me out seriously. Some kind of electrical wiring and new transformers are being installed by the authorities and that’s why the power has been cut off for today. My laptop battery is on verge of dying and I am making best of my efforts to write a post within time before it drains off completely. I didn’t charged my laptop yesterday and that’s why I am in this difficult situation today. hehehe….Well no probs….the power will be on in hour or two and then we can have disturbance less communication. 

ORIFLAME'S : Pink Unlimited & Absolute Blush Review and Swatches

Hello pretty ladies
How are you all doing? I am fine and enjoying my life , however I keep on saying that's it very cold...its very cold....The place where I live in India have extreme weather conditions. It too cold in winters and too hot in summers. Although the intermediate seasons are very nice and pleasant. And that's the part of the year I like the most. In summers I am like when winter will come and in winters I keep on saying when summers will come to people around me. They might think I am mad or what because I always do that. That makes me realize that we always wish for those things that we don't have and when we have them we want the opposite of it. 

BATH AND BODY WORKS - Mad About You - Review

Hello everyone !!! Today I am going to review triple moisture body cream from bath and body works in variant mad about you. I am a big big fan of BBW. They have so much great fragrances that I can just resist.  Every BBW product is so beautiful that you can’t stop yourself from purchasing.  Earlier I had got their mists, body lotion and candles and this time I got a mist, bubble bath and this triple moisturization body cream from them. The reason I got this particular variant of the body cream is that……actually there are three reasons… 1.Fragrance obviously 2.The name 3.The packaging


Hello my HFBB ladies

Wishing you a very Happy new year....May you all have a healthy, happy and fantastic year ahead. Thank you guys for being with me and appreciating my work here....

Hope this relationship goes on and on

Like the vampire movies say it "ALWAYS AND FOREVER"