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Mantras to stay healthy- Part 2

This is the second part of mantras to stay healthy. Hope you find these tips useful. is a complete science which gives you complete control over mind and immunes our body against the devastating effects of aging. 18.heavy,oily food, nuts and dry fruit all increases the cholesterol and fat levels of our body. Avoid them as far as possible. 19.drink enough water( at least 8 glasses ) is the best beverage that flushes your system.avoid aerated drinks. 20.four ounces of wine or beer or one ounce of liquor contains 100 calories, adding unnecessarily to your weight.


Hey guys!!!!
wish u all a very happy independence day. Hope enjoy the day of independence.


Hey darlings! Today I am going to talk about my Maybelline waterproof mascara wanted to share my experience with product with you so I am doing this  review want you to know it’s good things and the bad things before you purchase this mascara.

Yardley London-jasmine variant

Hello sweeties!!!
Today I am going to review on Yardley London deodorant in jasmine variant. It was a gift from my aunt. I already have Yardley London lave from the same range. When I get the lace one I also saw this one in the shop but didn’t purchase it that time. Hmmm….you can say at that time I was not in the mood of trying this one because I am not a fan of jasmine fragrance but now when I have got it I am thinking why didn’t I get earlier. So here is my experience with product.

Mantras to stay healthy-part 1

Hello everyone!!! Today I am going to give you most important mantras (tips and techniques)of life to stay healthy. Girls we are always thinking about how to look beautiful, have clearer skin and look best of all. But between all this we forget that beauty is not all about applying makeup products, using masks, foundations etc. etc. if one wants to really look perfect, gorgeous one needs to follow a healthy routine. One needs to stay healthy. It is the inside beauty which means and stays for long with us. So today I am going to give you some mantras that will really t help you to stay healthy. I am going to do this article in parts. This is the first part of the post. Do check it out…….here we go. 


Hi to all!!
How was the day??? Surely it would have been fun. Girls today I am going to talk about body cocoon by garnier skin naturals. So check out the product here with me…
What the company claims: it’s creamy yet light textured easily absorbed into the skin enveloping it in a nourishing cocoon of softness, leaving it deliciously fragranced.

6 easy ways to reduce skin blemishes

Hey girls!!
Today I am going to give you some tips to reduce pimples. We usually get break outs in our teens and the face really looks bad with pimples over it. Everyone wishes to have clean and clear skin with not a single blemish on it. Moreover there a lot of products available in market claiming to solve the pimple problem but which one to buy then there is again a big question, even if we have purchased any of it will it really help to get clear skin or whether it will suit our skin, is there any gurantee that our skin will not get any rashes or something like that. So today I am going to tell you some of the easy and homemade remedies that will solve this problem without having any side effects. Here are few tips for you all. Check it out.