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ORIFLAME'S Luminous Peach, Pink Glow And Shimmer Roses - Reveiw

Hello cupcakes!!!!

How are you all doing?  I love the weather these days. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. It’s very pleasant out here at my place and that’s why I love this time of the year. So today guys I am going to introduce you all to the  three new blushes that have been launched this month by Oriflame under their collection called THE ONE. You know guys I am kind of obsessed with this collection. Already they have launched so many things under this range and now these blushes are like a cherry on the cake. I have already mentioned a little about these blushes in my previous post. So Today I will be reviewing these here on the blog. So let’s get started.

ORIFLAME'S The One illuskin Blushes Launched

Hello Everybody How are you all doing? I hope you all are having a wonderful time. Life is short so live it to the fullest. Cherish every moment of it. Live in today and learn from past. Don’t you think I am sounding little saintly because honestly I have started feeling so….heheh…..Just kidding guys….So WHAT’S UP? Well as for me today I am with another post that will introduce you to the three new blushes from Oriflame’s THE ONE collection. Ya…you read it right. It’s blush time. Let me tell you I am a big blush fan. This is my new found FANism.