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THE ONE Vinyl Gels by Oriflame

Hello beautiful ladies I am all obsessed with BAHUBALI. My Indian readers will be knowing what I am talking about. It is an amazing movie and I personally wish that it receives an Oscar. Mr. Rajamouli, Anushka Shetty and Prabhas you have done great job. Such movies are made just once in a lifetime. Coming to the product that I would be talking today on the blog is vinyl gels by Oriflame in their collection THE ONE. It is their newest product that have been launched this month by oriflame. I am telling you guys you are going to love the fact that they have come with some unique shades this time. This time it’s not all red. Though I am a red fan but who does not likes the variety. It is this time in their vinyl gels.

Oriflame's Giordini Gold CC Cream Review

Are you a BB cream or CC cream user or even if you are not this post is definitely going to interest you. If you are a regular or non-regular or even non user at all, after going through this you are either going to switch your current product or are going to start using it. I  can assure you that. Giordini gold by oriflamme have always had my vote. Products from this line are so luxurious and classy. This range of the Oriflame costs your pocket more than the other ranges, but they are worth it. The product that I am reviewing here on my blog today is from this range is their CC cream. So I am going talk about its merits and demerits based upon the following points.

TRESemme botanique conditioner: Review

Hello Beautiful peeps
How are you all? Have you all got your sunscreens on because this sun is definitely going to be taxing on your skin specially if you live in Delhi NCR. Summers are very hot indeed.
First things first. It has been more than a year since the last time I got my hair rebonded and now I have new growth coming. My hair is wavy naturally and not too much curly so the rebonded hair actually kind of merge in it and don't look odd. I know people who have super curly hair and when they for rebonding and when the new hair jut comes you can visibly see the difference and sometimes they have to go for regular touch ups for evening out the hair texture.